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Delivering Digital Transformation

We have the skills and capability to define and deliver your digital transformation program. Addressing challenges such as senior and junior stakeholder engagement, waterfall IT approaches, changing market dynamics and the impact of new technology.

Our view of digital transformation is anchored in the experience of having spent fifteen years working across a wide range of businesses from a global electronics business to major sporting brands and bootstrap startups. Typically we focus on areas such as management information, customer touch points, governance, innovation culture, skills enhancement and revenue/cost impact. This is not large PowerPoint demo but real, substantive and measurable change at speed.

Deploying Emerging Technology

We bring new thinking by challenging the status quo.  In a VUCA world incremental change is rarely a solution to the challenges faced by businesses.  Working with Hack Masters, BeTomorrow and Cranfield University we can guide organisations looking for a different approach.  We achieve this by using emerging technology to help define the future opportunities and accelerate productivity.  We are fortunate to work with a number of Cambridge Cluster companies who are bringing a wide range of new technologies to the market.

Building Innovation Programmes

Innovating within a business, especially a successful one, can be extremely hard and is often both a cultural and skill set change.  Having seen the pitfalls and successes up close in a number of major businesses, we understand the complex dynamics within an innovation program.  It is always hard to evolve as a business but even harder in the dynamic and speed of current environments.

We can build a framework, get small low-cost tests running and with the support of your company’s board, bring to life some of the amazing unrealised ideas that employees often have.

The Founder: Jo Vertigan


Jo started work in the digital space in 2001 when structuring and implementing the first global deal between Sony and Amazon. Whilst at Sony he went on to create partnerships with Lovefilm and Photobox, launch products such as the Sony Reader and Aibo to new channels as well as running Sony’s Direct Sales Operation(B2B and B2C) for UK and Ireland. Subsequently he built a Global community of 2.5m people from 186 countries for the Football Association, was the Digital Strategy lead for both AXA Wealth and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. He has bootstrapped a Social Network Analysis business in Cambridge and was Head of Group Strategy for Marshall Group. As part of Hack Masters he supports the Dubai 10x program working with clients such as Dubai Customs and Airports, bringing new thinking to accelerate future capability.

Currently he is Chair of the Delivery Board for Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, a mentor for the Cambridge Judge Business School and focussed on helping both blue chip companies solve their digital transformation challenges and emerging technology companies find new markets.

Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Chair of the delivery board

The Tech Corridor initiative is a public-private partnership set up to drive clean, efficient, technology-based economic activity across a wide geography encompassing the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

A few people will know Obidos as small town in Portugal famed for its Cherry Liquor but the reason I chose this name was not for this but more a nod to the geekier end of the spectrum.

Obidos is also a town in Brazil, a place where the Amazon river is at its narrowest and swiftest point this is more pertinent.

I started in the digital space in 2001 where I was handed a business card from my then boss who said we should look at finding a way to trade with this company, an internet book seller called Amazon and so my digital journey began.

The significance of the word Obidos goes much deeper at according to a reference page on Wikipedia, Obidos was the name of the company’s original page rendering engine, with the word appearing in URLs like this one.

To my mind the challenge of digital even in the long term has been handling the relationship between the platform and the consumer (b2b or b2c) so I chose Obidos Consulting one cold February day in 2009 as it was at the end of my Sony journey but the start of a new adventure, never forgetting in the digital space it’s the metaphorical bridge between the platform and the customer that counts.

Why Obidos?

Clients & Experience

Support/advise on digital transformation programs across Enterprise Services, Government and National Security.

Chair of the Delivery Board

Supporting the development of a 10x capability for businesses and organisations in Europe and the Middle East.

Conga Ltd: Advanced software for the operation of faster and more efficient interurban public transport

Working alongside the Group Chief Executive to define and develop the Groups future strategic direction over 3, 5 and 15 year timescales.

Bootstrapping Strategic Network Analysis Platform

Worked with Street View team to test venue navigation concept

Ongoing advice to board and pitch support

Advised on a mobile product proposition for UK launch

Worked with Bing team to map key venues

Led e-commerce direct sales operation for UK and Ireland

Structured the commercial relationship with Sony

Drove a digital transformation project as interim UK lead

Head of Digital, built a 2.5m strong global audience in 186 countries

Devised and created the platform for Sony Centre’s to book HD services

Negotiated first global deal between Sony and Amazon

Supported founder and investor in development of business

Supported management team and VC’s in product development.

Pro bono advice on funding, partnerships and UX

Digital bandwidth/pitch support for MD (consumer)and UK team

Structured a Sony and Photobox partnership

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